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  City Painting Ghana: is a No.1 professional painting contractors in Ghana. We specialised in Commercial, Interior, Exterior and Deck Stain Painting. It is therefore, our interest to work closely with Construction Companies, Estate Developers and Individals who need affordable, fast and professional painting company..... For more information Contact us on our Hotline 0244 011 372 / 0244 011 475



The nationwide painting services that our we provide also include the painting of ceilings, side walls and structure steel. We also provide painting services for your industrial silos, tanks and other storage equipment. We can even provide nationwide painting services on industrial machinery.
Painting Services for Companies with Nationwide Presence
We provide total facility painting for companies that have multiple locations such as:

• Discount Store Chains
• Farm Supply Chains
• Fast Food Chains
• Multi Branch Banks
• Multi Location Businesses
• Multi Plant Locations
• Multiple Factory Locations
• Multiple Store Locations
• National Auto Dealers
• National Beverage Manufacturers
• National Chain Stores
• National Distribution Centers
• National Hotels
• National Manufacturers
• Nationwide Factories
• Nationwide Manufacturers
• Office Supply Chains
• Restaurant Chains
• Retail Chain Stores
• Shopping Mall Chains
• Statewide Banks
• Supermarket Chains
• Truck Stop Chains
• Warehouse Chains

City Painters Gh. can also provide industrial cleaning. The most common form of industrial cleaning is high powered sandblasting. Sandblasting is a technique in which an abrasive material is used to remove detritus and rust from your interior surfaces.
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 "Your consultation on the colors and painting style were so helpful and really changed the look of my office for the better.  Thanks